Decks & balconies

The harsh Queensland climate can be quite unforgiving on decks and balconies, so keeping them regularly maintained and safe is necessary. 

Although the vast majority of Queensland’s decks are structurally sound, problems can occur due to a number of reasons.

It doesn’t matter if they are made from timber, concrete, metal or another material, the following tips can help keep you and your family safe.

  • Avoid frequently wetting decks and balconies. However, when those muddy footprint just won’t come off with the broom, ensure there is adequate ventilation to allow your deck to dry quicker
  • Be sure to place pot plants on a tray and keep an eye out that they don’t overflow
  • If you have a timber deck, it is important to ensure it is regularly painted and oiled. This will significantly increase the lifespan of your deck and potentially save a lot of time and money on necessary renovations
  • Metal structures that are left unprotected will start to rust and deteriorate quite quickly. Apply paint or other protective coating at the time of construction, and if you do notice deterioration, it is recommended to have your deck inspected before reapplying paint
  • Regularly inspect any timber for termite damage and look for discoloured or blistered paint. Fine ‘sawdust’ and termite mud nests are a more obvious sign of an infestation, but can often go unnoticed
  • Regularly inspect all components, including fixings, nuts, bolts, screws and nails, posts, bracing, bearers and joists, and balustrades anchor points. 

Master Builders recommends that prevention is the greatest cure, and the best way to avoid or reduce instances of problems is by using a licensed building contractor when building or renovating.

If you have concerns about the structural integrity of your deck, a building inspection can be arranged that will assess your deck and provide advice of any issues and/or rectification required. 

The Find a Master Builder search can help you arrange a building inspection by locating a consultant who works in your local area.