Storm & cyclone season

Every year, Queensland experiences severe weather events, such as storms and cyclones. Your regular home maintenance regime will go a long way towards keeping your home safe during storms and cyclones.

In particular, you should keep your yard free of potential hazards and for more complicated repairs, ensure you use a licensed contractor. It is tempting to get in and do it yourself; however, Master Builders recommends you don’t take the risk of not doing the job properly (not to mention complying with Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) regulations regarding the use of licensed contractors).

Master Builders has also developed some basic guidelines for post-flood and storm repairs covering issues like electrical safety, plumbing and gas repairs, and quoting and contracts for repair work.

Use the Find a Master Builder search to locate Master Builders members in your area who specialise in the kind of repair work you need completed.

Cyclonic building standards

Building contractors are regularly asked “Can you please ensure my home is cyclone proof?”. While being completely ‘cyclone proof’ is virtually impossible to achieve, new homes are now built to a very high standard that complies with the current Building Code of Australia (BCA).

The BCA includes special requirements and methods for construction in cyclonic areas – these have been tested extensively with continuous improvements to give home owners piece of mind and security.

However, just because your new home has been built to these standards, it doesn’t mean you can become complacent when it comes to cyclone preparation and general maintenance in and around the home.