Water tanks

As a home owner with a water tank you should carry out regular maintenance to ensure the quality of water in your tank is suitable for use.

Inspection Interval
Clean first flush device 3 months
Clean gutters and remove leaves and debris 3 months
Check rainwater taps still have correct signage installed 6 months
Check tank for defects, cracks, ensure mosquito proof screens are adequate and openings have close fitting lids 6 months
Check roof and flashings for defects and repairs, and remove overhanging branches 6 months
Check for signs of mosquitoes and larvae 6 months
Check tank water quality – must be clear, no taste or smell 6 months

Check pump:

  • For noise
  • For appropriate pressure
  • For leaks
  • Acoustic enclosure
6 months
Clean leaf guards and mosquito screens on and in rainheads Oct-Mar monthly and Apr-Sep quarterly
Check mosquito screen on tank overflow outlet Oct-Mar monthly and Apr-Sep quarterly
Check rainwater tank support – if on stand or concrete slab check structural integrity of support 1 year
Check level of sediment in the tank 2 years


Use the Find a Master Builder search to locate Master Builders members in your area who specialise in water tank repair and maintenance.