Approvals & inspections


A building permit is required before starting construction on most types of domestic building work. You can obtain a permit from either your local council or a private building certifier.

Approvals for building work must be obtained from a building certifier (either a local government building certifier or a private certifier). All building certifiers must be accredited by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

Building inspections

Your contractor is obligated to notify a certifier at certain stages of the construction to carry out an inspection. The purpose of onsite building inspections is to ensure that construction work complies with the approved plans and recognised building standards. The certifier will not judge the quality of workmanship.

The certifier, who approves the plans for building work, must also do the required inspections personally or authorise a competent person to do them.

Building inspections on dwellings must be carried out at the following stages:

  1. Footing
  2. Slab
  3. Frame 
  4. Final.

Your building permit will also state at what stages of construction inspections are required. You should discuss and agree on inspection arrangements with your builder.

Pre-purchase inspections

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) contract used to purchase a home allows buyers to have a property inspected by a building inspector and by a pest control operator before the sale is finalised.

Inspection reports are important – buying a property is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make and they will advise you of the condition of the property you are interested in.

If issues are raised in the report about the condition of the dwelling, you should ask the inspector to explain the consequences, for example, the repair costs.

A report won’t tell you if the property is a good purchase, it will only cover the condition of the property. Competent inspectors base their visual inspections and written reports on the relevant Australian Standards (AS 4349.1 Property Inspections – Residential Buildings and AS 4349.3 – Timber Pest Inspections). To conform to the two standards, specific parts of the building and surrounds must be inspected and assessed.

Standard building & pest inspections

Standard building and pest inspections should include an assessment of the condition of:

  • Building interior
  • Building exterior
  • Roof space
  • Under-floor space
  • Roof exterior
  • Site.

Find a building inspector

Master Builders Institute of Building Consultants is a division of Master Builders that is made up of a variety of building consultants and property related professionals, including building inspectors.

The Find a Master Builder search is a free service that helps you find properly licensed Master Builders for your upcoming job, including building inspectors.