Planning your home

Once you’ve found a block of land that suits your lifestyle requirements, the next step is to commence planning your home, with some important considerations around design and building, and choosing someone to properly design and plan your home. Once you have done some initial planning, it is time to Find a Master Builder.

Design & building considerations

When choosing your block of land, you might have commissioned a soil test. Soil conditions are particularly important for slab and footing construction. Queensland has the full range of soil conditions ranging from rock to highly expansive clays, which can provide many difficulties for home construction.

Developing designs & plans

The next step is to decide if you would like to engage an architect or building designer to develop plans to suit your individual ideas. You can also take advantage of a standard design. Project homes provide you with an easy way to select a design or an adaptation of a standard design that suits your budget, lifestyle and land.

Project home builders often present their popular designs as display homes. One of the biggest advantages of choosing a display home is that you can see the finished product before you actually commence building.

Take an online tour of Master Builders display villages or find a qualified building designer and builders and trade contractors on the Find a Master Builder search.